New Lawns

The best way to keep your lawn green is proper feeding and watering. Providing shade from small ornamental trees is also a good idea. I’m sure you have seen your lawn burnt and brown in areas that do not get shade.

We recommend an organic lawn fertilizer not only for it’s organic value, but it is also safe for pets, safe for children and won’t burn your lawn when you can’t water it enough. It will continually feed your lawn. A good brand to use is Whitney Farms Lawn Food, which is avialable at Freddy’s and Swansons, or any good garden store.

We recommend feeding your lawn when temperatures are above 50 degrees Fahrenheit at least once a month. Feeding is key to having a good lawn, just apply a fair amount each month. Sprinkler systems make it easy too.

If you are having lawn troubles don’t hesitate to call an expert! Contact us now!  206 783-2254