Seattle Rock Walls

As you may be aware, retaining walls are very important if a building on your property is situated on a higher level of ground than the surrounding area. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that Seattle rock walls still need maintenance from time to time. If you haven’t had your retaining wall appraised, it may be time to find out if problems are developing. Aside from saving thousands of dollars on potential repairs to your home, garage, or other buildings, you also look forward to increased property value.

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Finding the Best Retaining Wall Specialist in Seattle


Even though retaining walls may be a common sight in your local area, that does not mean they are simple to build or repair. In fact, companies that perform these tasks must carry out a number of tests in order to understand both the surface and sub surface features of the ground surrounding your property.


From there, they must also evaluate whether or not the wall is still strong enough to withstand all of the pressures created by the soil itself, temperature changes, and variances in soil moisture.   When you are searching for the best retaining wall specialist in Seattle, you should look for the following:


  • A company that has an established reputation for delivering the best quality combined with accurate estimates
  • Specialists that have the educational background and equipment required to do a good job
  • In depth knowledge of the tools and materials used to make the best and most durable retaining walls
  • Customer service and support staff that can answer your questions with ease and honesty


What Happens When You Hire a Disreputable Seattle Retaining Wall Company?


Here are a few things prospective customers of ours went through when they hired retaining wall companies that were not truly capable of doing a good job:


  • Inaccurate estimates that led to extensive cost and time over runs
  • Damage to existing walls to the point where they were less useful than before
  • Serious damage to trees, buildings, and other property features
  • Unguarded items were lost or broken
  • Customer support staff was either rude or in some other way unprofessional
  • New walls did not last as long as projected, or needed extensive revisions to make them suitable for their intended purpose
  • Repair jobs on existing walls needed to be redone much sooner than expected, and usually cost more than the first job


How is Salmon Bay Lancscaping Different?


Here at Salmon Bay Landscaping we have been installing and repairing retaining walls for home and business owners for over 15 years. During that time, all of our customers have received accurate estimates that enabled them to create suitable budgets, as well as coordinate our activities with other events. Aside from that, customers that aren’t sure about how retaining walls work, or why certain features were important always receive satisfactory answers from us.


If you are interested in having a retaining wall installed or repaired in the Seattle area, rest assured we can do the job with ease and efficiency. We will always give you an honest estimate, as well as explain every detail about the overall design of the wall as well as the materials we will use during construction.


Simply give us a call today at (206) 920-2254, and we will even be happy to give you a free estimate. Once you call, or contact us by email, one of our staff members will arrange a suitable time to meet at the building site. Why not contact us today and find out why many of your friends, neighbors, and family members living in Seattle rely on us for retaining walls and related services?